Project Description:


World’s First Hub Motor Riding Electric Tractor

The world’s first hub motor system designed specifically for electric tractors. The TriVector ZEROe is an all-electric, no-compromise lawn and garden tractor with a top speed of 6.5 mph. Its advanced drive system is comprised of two hub motors, two deck motors and a vehicle control module.

Two uniquely designed hub motors determine the ZEROe’s driving speed. Each one is independently controlled to ensure the tightest possible turns without damage to the grass. These motors guarantee high performance and long life, and they require minimal energy consumption.

Two powerful “brushless” deck motors regulate the speed of the blades. These motors also offer long life, and the operator of the tractor can adjust their speed to ensure the best cutting performance.

The final component of the ZEROe tractor system is a vehicle control module. This module gives the operator control over the speed of both the hub and deck motors which ensures confidence when navigating obstacles and when driving over uneven or hilly terrain. It also displays a speedometer, a cruise control option, the battery charge and the drive status of the mower.

Drive Wheels
The drivetrain of the future, there is no driveshaft, no belts, nothing to wear out.

Over 2 hours of 2 acres of cutting. Four standard marine deep-cycle 12 volt batteries will provide hours of reliable operation. After 5 years, they can be recycled and replaced.

Deck Motor
Two powerful “brushless” motors offer long life and more than enough power to get the job done.

No noise, no vibrations, no fumes, no smell and it always starts! These are a few features that make this the most comfortable tractor to drive.

Standard Gauges
Speedometer, reminders, “gas gauge”, adjustable cutting speed and cruise control are all standard.

Optional “Quick Cut Steering”
Innovative steering shortens cutting time by turning within its own radius. Usually available only on much more expensive vehicles.